Sunday, June 15, 2008

Little Brown Willies, Sore Behinds and Hippies...

Hi all,

Are you SOOOOOO proud that we have managed to blog again this quickly?

Bry, I think that you might need to get another hobby, and the rest of you might need to pick up your game a little bit! Its nice to know you are all still reading this though and that it was worthwhile.

Mum are you still alive???

Righto, we will try and add a bit more detail into this one since we have time. I think last off we told you about the leopards etc

Since then we have travelled into the Kingdom (fancy!) of Swaziland. They still live under the rule of a king, and in some ways its fairly traditional. Men in Swaziland can have as many wives as they want but women can only have one husband. Stu did his homework, but alas, left Swaziland with no wives and a tentative girlfriend. The King marries one new wife a year, the last one ruled for 60 years and had 600 grandchildren! Don't get any ideas Pam! In order to get his crown he also has to spear kill a leopard on his own! Not much to ask huh!

We stayed in the most amazing place in Swaziland. A wildlife sanctuary in Mlilwane. Beautiful views and we also got to stay in a traditional beehive hut! The walls are pretty thin... It has a thatch roof dome and made of reeds and has a clay floor.

On the ride in we passed a village and a wee boy ran out and flashed us his willie. It was hilarious!

A few highlights from staying here... We visited what we thought was going to be a tradtional village ruled by a chief. The chief turned out to be a 70 year old woman and the village turned out to be an orphanage. The children here are victims of AIDS in Zimbabwe. At a guess I would say there was about 50 of them there. We were welcomed into the village, saw how they lived day to day, had to sing and dance with them, and it was all very moving and a bit much for us really! The children were very cuddley and took a liking to Marcelles Boobs! A few good shots with little black hands on them.

We also went on a horse trek in the wildlife sanctuary at sunset. The horses were awesome and we rode in Argentinian (sp?) saddles. Comfy as! It was lovely and quite surreal riding past wilderbeast and impala.

We have seen quite dramatic differences in countries in Africa. And have also spent long hours in our truck. We brought cushions to sit on but to be honest, they have stopped providing any comfort! One day we spent 11 hours in it. It got a bit tedious! Today, however, was our last day in the Orange Elephant! Yay! No more aching bums!

We are now at Twana Lodge in Pretoria. Our tour ends tomorrow which is a bit bittersweet. We are happy to be leaving some people on the bus though...I think if we had any longer, Stu might be done for manslaughter! Theres always one!

Twana Lodge is like a South African hippie commune. You take what you want from the bar and just write it down - dangerous stuff! You just tick up everything! Dinner, washing, internet, and pay it all at the end. Sounds pretty good to us! I think tonight might get a bit messy...Alright!

Righto, there are many beers and Jack to be drunk so will sign off here. Many more stories to tell, but I am sure we will have lots of time when we get home.

Love to you all.

Marcelle and Stu


(Bottle of Duty Free (size not specified) for whoever is first to leave a comment)


alysha said...

yay im 1st fancy that hehe, mind u it is 3.28 am haha, one litre of vodka will be just fine lol, stu i now know why u made CROPDUSTER a target in oxford they suck ass lol, bring back xlr8 and marcelle town sucks without u. wow u guys sound like u are having so much fun and im soooo hapy for u both coz u guys really deserve it. anyway im gone sign off here coz i could go on and on for eva damn alcohol hehe, sory bry i bet u but hey it wouldnt be fair if u had won coz u can buy lemonade from the dairy with just a few pennies hehe, miss u heaps and heaps and heaps. have fun and be afe.

love alysha xoxoxxoxxoxxoxoxoxox

Pam said...

Buga !!! I missed the duty free bottle !!!! Great to be able to read your stories !!! I don't know about spending all that time on a truck, it doesn't sound very comfy. I am really looking forward to seeing photos, when you get home. It won't be long now until you are on the move again, hope you enjoy your time you have left there.
Love to you both, P.
ps yes, I do check this blog at least twice a day, not as many times as someone else I know !!!!

bryan said...

I can't believe alysha got home from town pissed and started geeking.

Ah well, the hippy commune sounds fun, and I must admit that I had to lookup to find out what it was :-)

Looking forward to your photos too, sounds like you have seen so much already…

Kurt said...

Oh well atleast I beat pen hehehe. Lovin the blog guys you sound like ur havin a blast!! Have fun

Penny and Matt said...

Well 5th! Not happy with that! Especcially when there was alcohol on it...
I checked at midnight and I thought i was sad... Alysha....hmmmm.....hehe
Yes Pam I am's exciting stuff tho comon..:)
Jane is alive Marcelle, we are catching up on thursday..:)
Looks like you guys will have to hire a hall or something to show your photos!!! Coz i'm another keen one.
Enjoy comfy sitting from here.
Take care
Love Pen

Anonymous said...

have you seen ralph ??

Jane said...

Kia ora,
Yes I am least I think I am....

It all sounds amazing and awesome and all a bit much to take in, but I can imagine you there doing all those things.

Had Lukes 21st last night, it was a great night. Glen played all his old trance so I was in heaven...Carolyn, me, Gill and Rosie were trance bunnies for a few hours - it was awesome! Boozle was there and know...Boozleish. He cornered Grandad and went on and on (GUESS WHY!?), Grandad eventually made his escape. But Boozle asked me all about you, and said he loved babysitting you, AND knew exactly how old you are now! Amazing considering. I swear he was sain when he babysat you.....

Love you heaps and heaps, Mum

Jane said...

And what do you get people who don't drink.....??