Monday, June 16, 2008

Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, and Film Cameras...

Hi All,

Well done Lysh! I am so proud of you! You must have picked up on that BFF (Best Friends Forever) intuition I was sending out to you! Must have been an average night for you to be home at 3.30am and on the internet! Don't worry, 4 weeks and I will be back there, Stu will be on stage, and we will be drunk!

Went to the mall in Pretoria today - the second biggest mall in the Southern Hemisphere. Its was nuts! The people were so pretentious! Gucci everywhere, floor to ceiling mirrors in the girls toilets, someone handing you paper towels to dry your hands with and on it goes. It was quite surreal after the stuff we have seen so far. Made us quite angry!

Stuart did, however, buy a new camera. A really, really good Sony Digital with a couple of lenses. Hes charging it now and eagerly awaiting a play with it. We have already taken 20 rolls of film on our other camera and it was going to get a bit pricey! Films are also getting harder to get hold of so we decided to play it safe and upgrade :o)

We fly to Singapore tomorrow, and we are going to post heaps of stuff home which will be a lot of weight of our backs! Most of our group flew out today which was strange. Its bizare to spend 2 weeks in such close proximity with people, and then just say "See ya, have a nice life!".

We are both very content with our Africa leg, and don't feel sad saying goodbye because we feel that we experienced everything we wanted to and got as much out of it as we possibly could. We are both talking about coming back eventually though, and doing a few of the more northern countries. We are a little bit scared about India, apparantly its pretty full on! The heat is going to be a shock because its not actually that hot in Africa. There was a frost this morning! Weird huh! Its freezing at night, and boiling hot during the day!

Well now that we (mainly Marcelle) have droned on about nothing really, we will sign off.

Hopefully get some blogging time in Singapore and Delhi.

Lukes 21st sounds awesome mum! Lol! Would have been good to see Boozel. Did Luke have a good night?

We might have to have a slide night when we get home lmao!

Love to everyone, hope your not too hungover Lysh.


Marcelle and Stu



Pam said...

Well, here I am still getting over the fact that someone could have 600 grandchildren (poor me, I have none ! !!! only kidding) and I come on here to find you have posted again, what a surprise. I see I am also first, any repeats of that bottle of duty free ???
It is so good to be able to come on here and see what you have been doing, thank goodness we have computers. Marcelle you are doing a great job, I always look forward to reading your latest update.
Have a great day.
Love to you both P

Pen said...

Hi Guys. 2nd!!! yay. I was up at 1am,2am, 3am with Oli and finally got some sleep in between when you updated and Pam checked in, so happily settling for second! It's going to be tough to beat your 5.30am checkin Pam. :)

I am also enjoying the updates, so cheers for taking the time to do this guys.
I've also got wiget time and weather for where you are, so good luck with the heat to come.
Happy travels luvies.

Kurt said...

Just had to beat Lysh but not much to say! LOVE YA

Jessie said...

It cracks me up how much of a competition this has become - i only remember to check this at work. I think of something and go "shit i have to tell marcelle that" then i remember you aren't here :(
Things are good here - the new coffee man has started and he comes 3 times a week @ 9.30am - soo good to get the coffee fix.

Fat biatch has her farewell on Weds - not that she has been here AT ALL!!! Im sure you're looking forward to hearing al the goss when you get home!! Love you :)

alysha said...

oh man 5th that sux lol well i still bet bry so thats awsome. yes town was pretty damn average lol. im having my bday drinks this sat its not gona be the same without u here but im sure i will still have a great nite. its awsome to hear all your stories and u are doing such a good jod at keeping us up to date. love to u both looking forward to the next blog entry. love alysha xoxoxxo

Jane said...

Hi AGAIN you 2!! I love you, I REALLY do, but.... I'm sorry, unless I haven't gone to bed yet, I'm not getting up at 3 am.........

I've just watched American Idol and DAVID COOK WON!!! I know, I know, everyone knows but me, but I didn't want to know. Ray taped it for me. I'm so pleased!!

Pam, I thought we might be getting a wee brown know...Are you sure you didn't sneak one out?? Seriously - I don't think I could leave - you know me and causes. It must have been amazing and heart-breaking.

Grandad said India is overkill. Poverty, beauty, smells, dusty, people pooh on the street (that rather upset him)........and crowded. An attack of the senses.

I love you heaps, Mum XXXXXXXXX

Distressed Brother said...

Dear Curl and Ginga
Me and mum were thinking about biking out to see you guys, only mums bike weighs more than an elephant and mine is bright pink.. which according to recent studies is an insult in indian culture and punishable by death. I just went to my friends house.. she has a Chihuahua, stick that in ya pipe and smoke it! All is well and regular here. The bus still goes past every 30 mins. Mum still has her strange obsession with firewood and strightens the mat tassles every minute or so. That reminds me! I had my own african adventure just now as what I thought was a majestic elephant wailing in the distance.... turned out to just be mum... blowing her nose! She's now pissing herself laughing saying "I hope ya fucking fall through the front porch again.. DICK!"

Hope yall biscuit heads write again soon!

Hey folks, always remember. If approached by a dangerous wild animal, simply look at them and say, "Don't be that guy!"

Bryn XoXoX

P.S. Then I found 5 bucks!

Jane said...

Hi it's me again,
I NEVER said the F word.......because I don't swear...

Yes I'm pretty sure Luke had a really good night.

And also I've found Bryns life motto. It is "Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn..."

Perfect ay??



alysha said...

he chicky, thanku sooooooo much for my pressie, i got a shock when i found it in my letterbox this am, now my question is who was the little delivery fairy? lol your the bestest friend love u heaps

love alysha

Pen said...

Hi guys! Thinking of you waiting in the airport right about now. Keep checking coz thought you might get bored and write something. You still have 6 hours to wait so i'm sending you telepathic thoughts fafa to blog. hehe.

Hope you're resting up, getting ready for your next adventure!!

Love P

Pam said...

Hi there. It has just been on Telly that Mark Todd has been selected for the olympics !!! It was supposed to be released tomorrow but someone must have leaked it sooner. I wonder what this could mean for "Farrier of the Month". Will be an interesting one.
Just wanted to let you know.

Lots of Love P