Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boy Bands, Internet and 42 Elephants...

Hey guys,

Right, it seems the internet over here is fairly crap, and hard to come by. We haven't had access until yesterday, and we wrote the biggest post ever, and it didn't publish sorry about the delay in getting news to you but I am sure you can all understand thats its not so westernised in some areas over here.

Now to catch you up on our news...

Way too much to type but will give you some highlights.

We travelled down through Botswana which was fantastic. Did a river cruise where we saw 42 elephants drinking from the river all at once - most of which were babies!

Did a game drive through Chobe National Park where we got our first taste of the wildlife over here. Buffalo, Elephants etc. It was great!

We went to Blyde river canyon which was beautiful! On the way back to the truck we asked some nicely dressed African men if I could have my photo taken with them...turns out they are a prominant African Boy Band and they made Stu and I dance with them as part of their Music Video...Stu drew the line at playing leg guitar. Will let you know their name when we write it down so you can google them :o)

Passed over the South African Boarder and have spent the last 3 nights in Kruger National Park. It was the highlight of the tour so far! We managed to see the big 5!!! A rare thing! Which is Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard! We saw the Leopard last night and it was amazing! It came about 10 metres away from our truck and we managed to get heaps of photos and film footage of it.

We are now on our way to Swaziland, where we will spend 2 nights before heading back up to Pretoria.

Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks heaps and heaps for checking the house Pam.

Love to all.

Marcelle and Stu



bryan said...

I hope the music video makes it to youtube!

When do you get to see the Zebra?

PS: first comment!
PPS: Actually, it *is* a race to leave a comment :-p

Pam said...

Really good to hear what you are up to. I too am looking forward to seeing you dance on the Boy Bands Video. What "stars" you will be !!! So pleased that you are enjoying your trip, not long now until your next new country and new adventures. I hope you are taking heaps of photos, it will be great to see them when you get back. Look after yourselves, and each other. Lots of love to you both. P. ps Marcelle I have remembered that little job I am to do for you.

alysha said...

hey guys, yay im the third person to write on this one, now that ive figured that you can lol wow sounds like you guys are havin an amazing time, cant wait to hear all about your next adventure. miss u heaps and heaps, look after each other.

love alysha xoxoxoxox

Pen said...

Well I guess I'm forth!! I can do better than that... The race is on Bry!!!!
Yes guys this is how sad it is back here... I'm sure you are making the most of all the excitement! Sounds pretty awesome.
Have fun guys
Love Pen