Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Drunk, 2 Perving, 3 Honking Little Indians...

Hi All,
We have arrived! Its hot and noisey and bustling but we love it!
The plane ride here was pretty good. We got to fly on one of the new Singapore Airlines planes and it was the buissssssnessssss! After sitting on your ass in the same place for so many hours its amazing what can spark your a light in a new place, or a different cushion cover. We were Kings! Stu had to sit next to an Indian man on the way over who turned out to be lovely and very helpful. But as the flight went on, it appeared that he was intent on drinking ALL of the wine on the flight. By the end of the flight he was hysterically laughing, and on his knees in the aisle playing with his kids, when we had just been told not to leave our seats while we landed. Pretty good!
We were met at the airport by Raj our tour guide for Delhi. He took us to our Hotel...Hotel Perfect...:o/ Its like, the most decadent flashy furniture that doesn't match, all piled into a not so flashy room. There are things in the bath that I'm not even sure what you do with them? Sit and scrub I think...It beats a tent by a long shot though so we are happy. Slept for 12 hours as we didn't do much sleeping on the flights (Stu couldn't with drunk man sitting next to him!). Its 3pm here and we have already been for a walk around and looked in some shops. We braved lunch with the locals, and ended up having some really nice vego burgers and naan bread for $3 NZD all up. My boobs are again attratcing some attention, but not as much as Africa, and the road rules are hillarious! You just beep and honk, and then drive where ever you want while doing so. Rikshaws and Tuk Tuks everywhere, like Thailand, If it has wheels, you can drive it on the roads...tractors, etc etc.
We have our tour meeting tonight, apparantly there is only one other guy on our tour, we're stoked!!! Off to Agra and the Taj tomorrow!!! Woo hoo!!! Should be amazing!
Mum, Hippos in Africa are like sheep in NZ. They are everywhere!!! We saw hundred of them every day. So we just got a bit complacent. Your safe as with them as long as you don't go in the water with them, and stay away from them at night. The guard at one of the places we stayed at had a gun that he carried around incase a hippo came into camp.
Manny we are so disappointed in you! Start selling stuff and you will soon get over your addiction. is for quitters!!!
Culture wise, I think we are going to get heaps from India. Africa had no smell which sounds strange, but when you walk down the street in Thailand or India, the smells are amazing! We also weren't around the locals much in Africa, wheras in India we just had lunch with them. Don't get us wrong, we loved Africa, but we just longed for a bit of Culture and Interaction. I am sure we will have many more tales to tell as its quite an exciting fast paced place.

Love to everyone, and tell Nick and Kate I said congrats.
Until the next blog,

Marcelle and Stu


Pen said...

I'm FIRST!! Got to go back and read blog now

bryan said...

i think that's cheating penny!

Pens said...

Phew, didn't want anyone to beat me while I was reading!!

Haha drunk Indian, plenty more to see i'm sure.
Random about the hippo's!
What a bargain feed..
Maybe you should start charging locals to look at your boobs Marcelle, your trip might cost you very little, :)
Safe Journeys

alysha said...

hey guys glad to hear u made it safely, sounds like u guys are gona hav alot of fun over there, alot more then me here i just spent my evening at housie lol lame huh hehe, well havent got much to say except stay safe and look after each other
love alysha

Jane said...

Well you became very brave with all the hippo's! Remember when you weren't sure if you wanted to go to Africa (after all) coz you were scared one would sit on you??

Maybe you've got the same room as Grandad - shabby chic! I bet I'd love it!! And naan bread.......mmmmmmm.......

Lots and lots of love to you both, Mum

Jessie & Manny said...

HEy sweetie - glad to hear you're still having fun! I bet you can't wait to get home and compare India stories with Dennis!!!! WHo indendentially graduates next week! Constable Arthur protecting the streets of CHCH - can you belive it??! hahaha. I had the day off today - had a minga migraine! Doctor Mandog is looking after me tho - was great to not have to go to work :) CHaritee's last day tomorow - i signed her card for you! Love you heaps...till next time - keep tearing it up :)

Pam said...

Well done Penny, You did it !!!!! You got the number one spot, great effort.
Pleased to hear that all is well with you both, Stu and Marcelle, it seems you have had the odd wee hassle tho, its been nothing that you couldn't handle. I am just so pleased for you both, that you are out there and doing your thing. It will be a trip you remember forever. What a great tour of India, just you two and one other person, makes for a quality trip.
Love to you both, look after each other.
Love from P.

Slack ass council worker said...

Yea who would have imagined me a computer champion!! Will pass on to Nick and Kate.Cheers

Mind the curries it is a disguise 4 rotten meat !!

Jane said...

Kia Ora!
I'm just letting you know if you write more and don't hear from me, the computers playing up a bit and we will probably have to send it to be fixed. Sure it's got a virus.....Bryns been up stressing till now (see time) trying to sort it....friggin thing.....all virus inventors are going to burn in hell....

Love to you both, you are never far away in my thoughts, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMum

Pam said...

Hi there, Just want to say hi, and I hope that everything is going ok for you both. All is fine here, Bry and I went out to your house today, and everything is fine there. It seems so funny and quiet without the dogs to greet me when I arrive there. I picked up your cheque today to take to the Bank Stu, just in case you were wondering if I remembered ! I will sort it this week,
Lots of love to you both P.

Anonymous said...

have you seen ralph ??