Monday, June 23, 2008

Holy Cows! Ken Was Right...

Hi All,

For those of you who don't know, Ken is Marcelles grandad, and when he warned us about India, he described it as noisey, dirty, poverty, beauty and that people do...erm...number 2's in public. He didn't lie AT ALL!!! Infact he could have better prepared us for the onslaught that we were about to encounter!!! Thanks Ken...Geeze!

Cows are everywhere here! Rush hour traffic on an eight laned highway, and a cow walks out, and everyone just drives around it and says nothing. They are in peoples houses, just friggin everywhere! So weird!

First day we travelled from Delhi to Agra. Agra has the Taj Mahal. End of story. Diamond in the rough for sure! We caught the train to Agra and I wouldn't feed Stella on the tray tables, or feed her the food on offer on the train. It was a long 3 hours with trying not to touch anything, which is kinda hard when you have to sit down. We went to see the Taj the same day and it didn't disapoint. No wonder its a wonder! Absolutely stunning! You can't even begin to comprehend it until you are there, and even then it still makes no sense! Loved it!

Travelled to Jaipur which was the highlight city of the trip. 6 hours in a bus with no AIR CON!!! It was a lovely trip...Jaipur itself made up for it though. Went to the most amazing place for dinner, in a wee tourist village. There was dancers, elephant rides, camel rides, shops etc. But the interesting thing was that all the Indian tourists were there as well as locals, the food was apparantly that cheap and that good! And might I add, all vegetarian! Yay for Marcelle! Yay for Stu too who is on day 5 of being a temporary has been the hardest day, we had some 'meat' therapy...or meat porn? Only viewed from a computer though. Back to Jaipur, we went to the Amber Fort which was up there with the Taj! So cool and well preserved. On the way back Stu spied a camel, so we pulled over and got a ride down a main road. Quite surreal! Stu was happy as :o) Camels are still used day to day in Jaipur for pulling carts etc. The state of the horses over here has upset Stu, NZ must be horse paradise as the ones over here do not look very happy or very well cared for.

We have one story that will shock you and give you a bit of an insight into what its like over here. When we were getting into Jaipur, a man on the bus approached Stu and said "do not trust anyone when you get off the bus, I will help you as best I can but won't take a beating for you". We thought he was a bit nuts, until our bus pulled into the depot and people just starting running for it and swarming it. We got off and police were beating the people off with sticks, to stop them from getting to us all. One cop told us to go to the tourist office, but luckily we found our local guide and were piled into a car and taken to our hotel. SCAREY!

The bus and train rides have been good and bad. You see stuff that you wish you hadn't but also realise that its why we are here, to really SEE India. People over here live in ways that people in NZ could only ever imagine, I don't think NZers understand the true meaning of poverty. We have enjoyed this leg, but its been scarey, and tedious, and at times we have just wanted to come home! I don't think we will be back to India, but we don't regret coming :o)

On that note, we will sign off. Jane, tell Ken we will be over to see him when we get home for a whole lotta stories!

Thanks for the updates everyone - thanks Pam and Bry for keeping an eye on the house :o)

Until next time,

Marcelle and Stu



Anonymous said...

Marcelle Is First! Marcelle Is First! Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah! Marcelle Is First! :op

Pam said...

Great to hear from you, and here I was thinking Africa was the worry for all of us at home !!!!! Maybe I was wrong about that. Not long now until you are on your way to Vietnam, I hope you find it a lot better than India. It has been an education for you I am sure. Great to hear from you again, you are doing a great job. Lots of love to you both P.
ps I am almost tempted to have a big steak in the fridge for you when you get home Stu, and the BBQ all ready to go as well. I think you might be needing it.

Jessei said...

Hey guys - Great writing Marce, makes me feel like i am there with you seeing everything! I so understand heaps of what you are saying about the things that you see - Morrocco was exactly the same for me! Can't wait to see photos of all this wicked stuff.
Keep safe - till next time - bug hugs !!:0) xoxoxo

Jess said...

i meant to say BIG hugs!!!!!! They need spellcheck on this thing!!

alysha said...

hey guys, wow sounds a bit scary really, you guys must be pretty glad to be leaving there soon huh, hey pen are u still in bed lol its not like u not to have commented yet, mayb u are still feeling a little hungover lol, marcelle and stu u should have seen this girl on sat nite she was pretty messy hehe. me on the other hand was very well bhaved like usuall haha, anyway im glad u guys are safe im counting down the days till u come home lol miss u heaps, look forward to hearing about veitnam,

love alysha

Pen said...

Hi Guys
Missing you.
Far out, life changing stuff!! Glad we were born New Zealanders.
No Alysha just had a busy morning, BUT did go to bed at 8pm last night!
mmm steak mmm, Sorry Stu...hehe
Alysha did have a good night Marcelle. We made sure she didn't miss you too much on Sat night and kept her well entertained!!
PS. Bry Rocks, worshiping the ground he walks on...
Love Pen's