Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mud Baths, Jam Jars and Reunification...

Yo! (we think that means 'cheers' in Vietnamese...)

Since we last blogged we have done a few weird things...

We caught the reunification express train (during the day which sucked! 9 hours!) to Nga Trang which is where we are at the moment. The night we got here we went to The Sailing Club to have an infamous 'Jam Jar'...2 Jam Jars later neither of us can remember much of the night, but there was a lot of probably bad dancing, and a 2am home time...Apparantly its the vietnamese vodka that they put in them...1/4 of a bottle in each jam jar and a bit of orange juice, but you would NEVER know! It totally crept up on you. We are almost ashamed to say that we got THAT drunk off 2 drinks...but we did...

The next morning, we had a boat ride...Yes a boat ride, we should have listened to Tu (our tour leader) when he told us NOT to get the 2nd Jam Jar lol! It was all good after the anti nausea pills kicked in ;o) Stu jumped off the top of the boat and went snorkelling, and he got a massage and Marcelle got a pedicure. Bliss! Had a lovely lunch out there and came back in the afternoon. Last night we went to a novel restaurant - they brough mini BBQ's to your table and you cooked all sorts of meat and fish etc on them to your liking. Very smokey and noisey but a fantastic night! Back to the Sailing club after that, but only beers this time. They had a fantastic House DJ on and we brought his CD - Janeo you will love it!!

Today we had 13 motorbike riders pull up to our hotel to take us tiki touring. We went to a hindu temple first (AVERAGE!) and then to the mud baths! They were sooooo good! We are all soft and silky smooth! You have to shower first, then lie in the mud bath, then bake the mud on in the sun, then shower it off, then bathe in a mineral pool, then shower again, then swim in a mineral pool. All of the pools were hot as! Lovely experience! We then got back on our bikes and went to a Buddhist Orphanage. The kids were on Stu the minute he walked in! He was lifting them up and throwing them around - fantastic photos! We then had a vegan lunch which we had to make a donation for. It was interesting, some nice food and some not so much...Then back on our bikes to go and see 2 GIANT Buddha statues. Pretty cool stuff.

We are just about to go and board the reunification express train again. We get into Saigon at 4am! Blah! We have to kill 4 hours in day rooms with 3 other people at the hotel because we can't check in until later...its going to be painful! The we head off to the Mekong Delta for the day. Should be good stuff to report.

Not long now guys! We are a bit bittersweet about coming home because we love Vietnam so much, but we are looking forward to seeing everyone and playing with our dogs! (and Frank!)

Love to all!

Marcelle and Stu

PS...To whoever was asking, Marcelle finally found Ralph ;o)


alysha said...

hey guys. sounds like u are having an awsome time ther the jam jars sound super,lol we had a big snow fall yesterday but it didnt stop me from towning it lol the yellow cross must be very desperate as citizen frank were playing again not good haha. im feeling a little worse for wear today but maybe not quite as bad as mat and pen lol, look forward to seeing u i hope your last couple of days there are good and u have a good flight home

love heaps alysha xoxoxxoxoxoxo

Jane said...

Kia Ora you two,
Jane the night owl! I slept till about 12.30 today so I'm more out of routine than ever. I've had a sinus infection and had like a continuous headache especially in bed, so wasn't sleeping well at all. I'm on the antibiotics now so feeling much better and slept heaps better last night.

It all sounds wonderful where you are - I didn't know they could openly practise religion coz it's a communist country. I know someone over there (from Raj Yoga)running a meditation centre and she said they have to be careful.
I think they are getting more and more open minded?

Have you seen amazing animals? Gibbons? I also know the government is getting better policies involving the protection of animals.

I understand how you must feel about coming home. Back to reality........blah!


Jessie said...

Hey mates! Great to hear more stories! We went on a bus trip on Sat nite and it was fully galeforce storms!! Manny was his usual self so was rendered useless for the whole day yesterday.....AND to top it off his car fully broke down yesterday! So he havn a day off today to recover!! If you have room can you bring me a wee Vietnamese baby - just slip it in your carry on bags or something! Thanks and see you soon!!!

Pens said...

HI ya guys
Awesome stories! I'm thinking there will be more than one photo night we might have to do a week long stay over at the princess just so you can fill us in... kidding.
Yes Matt and I had Matts work duo and yes we were not a well couple yesterday, the request of a gun and a couple of bullets...
Alysha was naughty Marcelle!!!
I kinda cornered Logan and vented a years worth of my opinion on him. Lol. He had no where to go...and I was so munted...hehe
Take care, am so looking forward to seeing ya's. Am missing ya's heaps now so you can come home now, ok.??? don't be moving over there.... ok....

Sharlene said...

Hey Guys, it's great hearing what you are up to, pleased you are totally getting into the culture and experience, afterall that is what it's all about, it sounds like you have both been in your element for most of the trip, lap up all the warm weather you can as you will get a nasty shock when you come back, perhaps we will get the team to turn your heater on full ball so you don't notice it too much when you come back...hehe. Enjoy your last few days, do everything you possibly can, and live it up.
See you when you get back :)

bryan said...

Glad to hear you are having some fun… Roll the Dai is now traveling through australia and the first episide was monday night, yeah… I missed it too… but I have just found that it is available to watch on the website… sweet!

Not long to go, you would not believe how excited alysha is! She can't wait to see you Marcelle, she even wants to see Stu! :-D