Monday, June 2, 2008

Our First Leg Is Over!!

Hooray! We made it to Singapore after a long, but not quite as bad as expected, 11 hour flight!

There was lots of movie watching and lots of Marcelle kicking Stu's ass at Mario brothers! Hes not happy!

(stu here) Marcelle turned out to be like this "pro" at mario.. what a loser!!

Jealousy will get him no where! We are now off to find a bed for a few hours and try and get out of the sticky heat that is Changi airport.

Love to you all, will try and check in when we get to...AFRICA!!!!!!! AGHHHHHHHH!!!!



Anonymous said...

Pleased you made it safely to Singapore and that you had no problems, so far !!! It seems Wormy may have stayed at home ? No mention of him being on the flight, which may have been lucky for you Marcelle!! look after yourselves. Love P

Kate said...

Awesome you made it!!!! Can you be texted?

Jessie & Manny said...

i love you!!! yay its all happening!!! can't wait to hear more!!! Love jessie and mandog

Pen said...

Glad to hear it guys!!!! Enjoy Africa hun, I hope it's everything you have been waiting for and more..

bryan said...

Well, you must be in africa now… how is it?