Thursday, June 26, 2008


Did you like that title Jess?? :o)

We made it! And it is ALL that and a bag of chips!

As you know, we left the horror story that was India (my insect blisters are still healing!) and flew to Singapore early. From one extreme to another...we stayed in a luxery hotel in Singapore which was fantastic! Went to Hogsbreath Cafe for tea - Stu got his Jalepeno and cheese steak - and then on to the Hard Rock Cafe for drinks and watched an acoustic covers band...BLISS!!!!!! Flew into Hanoi this morning and we love it! Our Hotel is really nice, and not too far from central Hanoi. We ventured out today for dinner etc and loved it! Dinner was by far the BEST Vietnamese (sp?) food we have ever had! $20 for 2 entrees, 2 mains, 4 big beers and 2 waters. Cheap as when thats a fairly high end restaurant by Lonely Planet standards! It was a restored house converted into a restaurant with all brick interior and dinky wee stairs. Really nice!

You drive on the right hand side of the road over hear which is weird, and there have been a few near misses when crosing the road :o/

Stu brought the 3rd season of Prision Break for NZ$4.50! There are so many bargains to be had! We resisted shopping too much tonight, as we have 4 more nights here, and don't want to do it all in one.

We are planning to go to a Seafood restaurant tomorrow where Stu gets to actually pick a live fish, and they cook it for him. Classy! I might buy them all and set them free! Free Mahi Mahi!

Not much more to report since we have only been here since 1pm! 8 hours...

Hope all is well with everyone. Good luck with your date Lysh. Remember that you will never pay for milk if you can get it for free...;o) JOKES!!! Let us know how it goes!

Love and hugs and missing everyone (especially Stella with her dumb wee face!)

Marcelle and Stu



Anonymous said...

Hello Luvies!!!
Awesome awesome awesome. Yay for the steak and yummy food!!!
I'm with you Fafa, "free the fish"!

Enjoy the last leg of your trip, before reality has to set back in, it's currently 2degrees here! Does that make you feel warm and cosy!!

Love Pen & Matt

Jessie - the bridesmaid said...

OMG YESSSSS! So stoked with your blog title - i was thinking about it yesterday and was like man i'd be gutted if you didn't use it!! Glad things are going great again for you guys. My friends Holly and Josh came over for tea last nite and she asked me to be her bridesmaid in Feb!!! i screamed and was like OMG YES! You're the first to know - except mum of course! Good spelling of Vietnamese - A+ for you!

I miss you heaps - come home soon cos the LION MAN on tv2 has some cute as tiger cubs you would love to see!

Lots of loves and hugs - look after you :)

Pen said...

Jessie you shouldn't watch that show in protest!! Apparently he abuses his Lions!!

And he treats his staff like shit...

No Respect to him!!!

alysha said...

haha marcelle i know that lol well learning it anyway. sounds like the final leg of your trip mite be a goody, have a great time there, look after yourselves and i will update u with goss, hehe
love heaps alysha

Pam said...

Hi there. Sounds like you are really happy to be away from India, I have some questions for you when you get back !!
Stu I did that job for you (cheque), and even started Shazza up last weekend. Started first turn over, much to my surprise.
All is ok here, just dam cold, and I will be bringing huge jackets to the airport for you both.

Love P

Jane said...

Hey u 2!!
Glad you are feeling happier where you are, by the sounds of things!

FREE THE WEE FISHIES!! I'm a hypocrite I know, but picking a live one sounds down right macabre.....

Just got the standard drunk txt from Bryn - he met John Campbell, just played to 500 people, and OMG it's awesome!! You know how it goes. I txtd back 'That's nice' and he txtd back 'Don't be that guy.' I'm glad he got there safely tho, I always like to get that txt.

I know I'm missing you now Marcelle coz I've seen a couple of girls that looked like you from a distance and I felt a bit kind of crept up on me and took me by surprise.

I hope you are having an amazing and wonderful time,

Lots of Love to you both, XXXXXXXX Mum

Jane said...

Hi it's me again!!

Just had to tell you Bryn just rang and he and the boys have got VIP passes @ Winter Fest. Everything is free - food, activities, where ever they go! I'd be out there doing stuff! Sam was sitting in the spa with a pink sombrero on drinking a beer, and Bryn was filming the hotel room.......weirdos....but lucky them ay?? Oh yeah, they all got rooms with kingsize beds and ensuites...and a spa....

It's freezing here - yuk, yuk, yuk,


Jane said...

AND I'm pretty sure the second series of Wayne Anderson started last nite and I missed it!!!!???@#!

I won't miss it next week,and at least we know there'll be dvd's.