Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Itinerary

Dates and times are appropriate to the country we are in, they are not NZ dates and times :o)

Christchurch - Singapore
Mon 2nd June
Depart: 10.50am
Arrive: 5.40pm
Stop Over: 8 hours 40 mins
Singapore – Joberg
Tues 3rd June
Depart: 2.20am
Arrive: 7.10am
Stop Over: 1 Hour 55 mins
Joberg – Vic Falls
Tues 3rd June
Depart: 9.15am
Arrive: 11.00am
Africa Tour- Waterfalls and Wildlife - 4th - 15th June
Joberg – Singapore
Mon 16th June
Depart: 1.15pm
Arrive: 5.40am
Stop Over: 13 hours 10 mins
Singapore – Delhi
Tues 17th June
Depart: 6.50pm
Arrive: 11.55pm
India Tour - The Golden Triangle - 18th - 23rd June
Delhi – Singapore
Tues 24th June
Depart: 11.10pm
Arrive: 7.15am
Stop Over: 3 hours 15 mins
Singapore – Hanoi
Wed 25th June
Depart: 10.00am
Arrive: 12.30pm

Vietnam - Reunification Express Hanoi to Saigon - 29th June - 9th July
Ho Chi Minh – Singapore
Thurs 10th July
Depart: 7.50pm
Arrive: 10.45pm
Stop Over: 21 hours 45 mins (WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!)
Singapore – Christchurch
Fri 11th July
Depart: 7.50pm
Arrive: 9.30am

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Pam said...

Stu and Marcelle, what a great trip, I hope you enjoy every minute of it. Love P